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Sound and Art @ St Swithun's (SASS)

In September 2017 the Churches Conservation Trust (CCT) secured a £1.6M grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) in support of the £2.4M Sound and Art at St Swithun’s (SASS) project. 

The SASS Project

Our vision for St Swithun’s is to build on its existing role as a unique community asset and create an inspirational sensory space that will creatively demonstrate the potential of SASS to engage, enthuse and inspire a greater connection with heritage and history. This can be achieved by creating SASS which will:

  • Repair and conserve a nationally significant building

  • Interpret significant heritage in a new, exciting and accessible ways using fresh mediums sound, light, smell and touch

  • Work with recognised innovators in sound and art education to pilot a cutting-edge programme of learning and engagement

  • Attract new audiences to SASS through a sensory-based approach to learning and engagement;

  • Support sound and art students in education

  • Provide high-quality facilities and installations to support immersive experiences, creating a distinctive and attractive venue and community resource

  • Support and collaborate with emerging talent, giving new artists a creative space to trial out new arts and enterprises and showcase work

  • Establish a new player in the cities cultural offer

  • Provide three training apprenticeships in traditional craft skills and business administration to students and job seekers

  • Operate a mentoring programme and talent development hub focused on fostering and nurturing new artistic talent in Worcester, providing a space to showcase and a network of contacts to grow skills and profile

  • Provide work experience placements in support of Hewell Granges resettlement to work programme a two-stage rehabilitation programme for offenders and ex-offenders.

This project will help:

  • Secure the future of the building for the next 300 years

  • Provide a legacy of craft skill practitioners

  • Inspire other projects to adopt new innovative sensory ways to increase engagement and inspire

  • Grow local artistic talent

  • Strengthen local partnerships with cultural arts organisations in Worcester

  • Support tourism growth by providing a new destination point for visitors

  • Demonstrate the benefits of offender rehabilitation

  • Provide meaningful and positive engagement opportunities with heritage and history to disability groups.

Timetable for Project Development

  • August 2018 - church closes for conservation and construction work

  • Autumn 2019 – completion of construction work

  • October 2019 – site launch